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Academic Approach

The Valor Learning Model

Our learning model ensures student success and allows the teacher to become a collaborative partner in the learning process.

Valor Academy uses a learning model where students are required to meet full-time attendance requirements five days per week.

Valor Academy of Ohio Student

Our Learning Model:

Involves teaching and learning within a formal education program
Requires that students learn through online delivery and through instruction in a full-time attendance model
Allows students to have some level of control over time, place, path, and/or pace of instruction

Students rotate through various stations, including:

Digital curriculum, which can be accessed individually
Direct instruction from a content-area teacher
Small group activities
Intervention, remediation, and expansion activities
Project-based learning culminating activities

Project-Based Learning

Our project-based learning approach allows teachers and students to build richer relationships through individual or small group instruction.

Throughout the project-based learning process, teachers receive feedback on student performance, identify the concepts students are struggling with, and decide best ways to re-engage learners.

Valor’s learning model allows for initial course work to be conducted online, freeing up the teacher to use class time with greater purpose (i.e. Project Based Learning, intervention, etc.) This becomes especially important for students who benefit from a flexible learning environment!

This approach also affords our school more flexibility in providing a more robust, more attractive catalog of elective offerings. By offering students elective options that appeal to their own interests rather than the limitations of a master schedule, they’re able to develop into more effective, more self-directed digital learners.